Services & Fees

Property losses, first or third party, are billed either on time and expense or on a flat rate.

Flat rate billing is available for claims in all of southern Illinois.

Flat rate billing is available for all property claims where the gross loss does not exceed $15,000. All gross property losses over $15,000 are time and expense billed.

Claims are handled based on 24 hour contact and a 48 hour inspection. Report diaries are based on a first report within 15 days and a 30 day diary for supplemental reports.

Property repair estimates are computerized. Documentation includes all relevant forms, municipal reports, and sufficient photographs to substantiate the scope of loss.

Fees are based on time and expense or a flat fee schedule. The flat fee schedule is for all property claims, and is available on request.

Time and expense fees, for claims over $15,000 are based on an adjuster's rate of $70 per hour, auto at current IRS rate, photographs at $1 per print and file expense at 5% of services.


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